Mongol Rally: 2009

You may be thrilled (or not) to learn that for a few weeks this July and August I drove, with a friend and fellow crafts person, from London, England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This wass a fund raising project, contributing money to worldwide organizations that help people at the grassroots. Leaving on July 14 from Boston we arrived in the Mongolian capital on August 13, finsihing something like 37th out of about 500 cars that started.

So now I'm back, glazing pots and getting in gear for the shows this fall. Orders mailed in now will get filled quickly and you can reach me in person in Blue Hill.

You can find more information, check out the blog, and get acquainted with this project and our adventure with it by navigating to our Mongol Rally 2009 web page. Click on the link there for the blog, the gallery for those photos we managed to sendor have posted since returning.

And to all of you who helped make this amazing trip a reality, my deep and heartfelt thanks.